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There are formalities to uphold, but if you cling too strictly to them, the connection you make with others will be shallow. To make a strong connection, you have to dig in past the formalities.

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You care how people feel around you. Your realm of influence travels with you. Perseverance is important, but so is knowing where to put it. Misplaced perseverance wastes time. Know when to pivot and when to apply the same actions to a more promising trajectory. Just get up; dust yourself off; and start fresh.

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LEO July Aug. Issues of territory arise. No one wants to feel cornered or manipulated. Understanding this is key to building rapport and relationships. People sometimes stick with sunken costs out of a sense of pride or loyalty that helps no one. Some people make a hobby out of telling others what to do. Be an advocate for yourself. You can get the instruction you need without playing into weird social dynamics.

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Trying to make a thing too perfect will prevent it from getting finished in time. To forward your aims, you need to finish and ship the thing.

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Today plays out like a coin toss. You start things off on one side, get thrown into the air, take a spin and land either pretty much where you started or the exact opposite of that. You will work hard to achieve a certain aim and greatly value that accomplishment for years to come.


Aries and Gemini adore you. With everything leaning in the direction of production and progress, as long as your aim is in the best interest of many, you cannot go wrong. Context is king. Those who pay more attention to their own minds than they do to environmental cues often annoy the ones who are playing by the rules of context.

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Lessons in Love and Loss

Then again, the renegades have something to teach. Social media and self-esteem hang in a tricky balance. LEO July Aug. Does someone owe you money? Do you owe someone money? This is a good day to settle up.

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  • The new start will have more momentum when the issue of old debts is settled. You get what you put into it with children. At some point, incuriousness is an insult.

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    To appreciate a person is to be curious about that person. Among your favorites right now are the ones with question marks in their eyes. Art is in nuance. Nuance takes experience. Love and release are often inextricable.

    Lessons in Love and Loss by Holiday Mathis | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

    The way things look is obviously very important to how they are received. Think twice before you clutter your work or your look with promotions from the world.

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    Let people know the whole of you as you understand yourself right now.